2 C.W.L

Choreographed by Pat & Trev Jervis - trev.jervis@ntlworld.com 
Description  64 count Partner Dance, Start facing LOD in Right Side by Side [Sweetheart]
Music  The Lord Loves The Drinkin’ Man - Mark Chesnutt

Dedicated to Chris on her birthday the big-------->60

	¼ Turn Behind & Cross Hold Rock Step Rock Step
1-2 	Left step ¼ turn cross step right behind left
&3-4	& Cross right over left hold.
5-6 	Rock left to the side recover on right
7-8 	Rock forward on left recover onto right.
	Shuffle ½ Turn, Step Behind, Rock Step, Rock Step, Rock Step
9&10 	Shuffle ½ turn on left right left
11-12 	Step right to the side step left behind right
&13-14	& Cross left over right hold,
15-16 	Rock right to the side recover onto left
17-18 	Rock forward on right recover onto left.
	Shuffle ¼ Turn, 1/4 Turn, 1/4 Turn Back Shuffle, 1/4 Turn, 1/4 Turn Forward Shuffle
19&20 	Shuffle ¼ turn on right left right
21-22 	Step left ¼ turn right step back on right ¼ turn right
23&24 	Left shuffle back on left right left
25-26 	Step right ¼ turn right step left ¼ turn right
27&28 	Right shuffle forward on right left right
	Grapevine left & Cross Hold Rock Step Rock Step Coaster Step
29-30 	Step left to the side step right behind left,
&31-32	& Cross right over left hold
33-34 	Rock left to the side recover,
35-36 	Rock forward on left recover
37&38 	Coaster step, Step back on left step right next to left, step left forward.
	Grapevine Right & Cross, Hold, Rock Step, Rock Step, Coaster Step
39-40 	Step right to the side step left behind right,
&41-42	& Cross left over right hold
43-44 	Rock right to the right recover
45-46 	Rock forward right recover
47&48 	Coaster step, Step back on the right step left next to right step forward right.

	Step Lock, Step Brush X 2
49-50 	Step forward on left lock right behind left
51-52 	Step forward left brush right past left
53-54 	Step forward right lock left behind left
55-56 	Step forward on right brush left past right
	Walk Walk, Shuffle X 2
57-58 	Step left forward step right forward
59-60 	Shuffle on left right left
61-62 	Step right forward step left forward
63-64 	Shuffle on right left right.
	Start Again Happy Dancin’
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
http://www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk July 2005