1 Dance with U

Choreographed by 	Norman Gifford - nlgifford@yahoo.com
Description 	Two wall, 32 count, 67 BPM, (16 beat count-in)
		Improver level dance in 12/8 time
Music		One Dance With You - Tony Christie
	Swagger steps, lock-step, step, pivot ¼ right, cross-lock step, spin turn 3/4 left
1-2& 	Left step across forward; right step across forward; left lock-step forward
3-4 	Right step forward; left step forward ***
5-6& 	Pivot turn ¼ right; left crossover; right lock-step side (3:00)
7-8 	Left crossover; right step side in 3/4 spin turning left (6:00)
	Step, sweep-step, step side, behind, step side turning ¼ left,
	pivot turn ½ left, lock-step, full spin turn forward
1-2& 	Left step forward; right sweep across; left step side
3-4 	Right behind; left step side in 3rd position (3:00)
5-6& 	Right step forward; pivot turn ½ left; right lock-step forward (9:00)
7-8 	Left step forward; right forward in full spin turning left
	Step, step-lock-step, rondè forward, step back, rondè back-lock-step, rondè behind
1-2& 	Left step forward; right step forward; left lock-step forward
3-4 	Right step forward; left rondè forward
5-6& 	Right recover back; left sweep back; right lock-step back
7-8 	Left step back; right rondè behind left
	Step side, cross-rock, replace, sway, sway, step side, syncopated turning jazz box
1-2& 	Left step side; right cross-rock; left replace
3-4 	Right step side swaying hips right; sway hips left
5-6& 	Right step side; left crossover; right step back turning ¼ left (6:00)
7-8 	Left rock side; right replace
Tag A 	Done after walls 1 & 3 (facing 6:00), and after wall 4 (facing 12:00)
	(Sway left, sway right)
1-2 	Left sway stepping side; right sway side drawing left together (do not take weight)
Tag B 	Done after wall 2 only (facing 12:00)!
	(Syncopated jazz box, brush)
1-2& 	Left crossover; right step back; left step side
3-4 	Right step slightly forward; left brush forward
5 	Right step forward and hold/pose